5 Great Living Room Storage Ideas

Plenty of storage space is the key to making your living room an organized place where you can relax and unwind. Clear the clutter and spend quality time with family and friends in beautiful surroundings by choosing the perfect pieces for living room storage.

When you pick the right options, you will have plenty of room for your TV, your electronics and a nice selection of wine in a wine cabinet. You can surround yourself with the things you love with a dramatic curio cabinet with glass doors to display your treasures. Credenzas and consoles also provide storage space for the living room, along with storage furniture like ottomans.

1. Interior Lit Curio Cabinets

curio cabinets
Curio cabinets in the living room give you the opportunity to display interesting collections or delicate items. Many curio cabinets come with shelving behind glass doors and interior lighting for a dramatic touch. Additional storage is featured below.

2. TV Consoles to Organize Electronics
tv consoles
Adding a TV console to your living room is a great way to organize electronic equipment and keep it out of sight behind closed doors. You can find TV consoles in a variety of sizes and styles. For the ultimate TV, and console experience chooses a model with a built-in electric fireplace or adds a fireplace insert yourself.

3. High Style Credenzas
A credenza is a closed cabinet you can place in the living room to add style as well as storage. Choose designs for every home decor, from traditional to contemporary. A typical credenza has a wide, flat top and tons of storage space below. The top of the credenza may be constructed of wood, marble or another type of stone.

4. Narrow Console Tables
console table
A narrow console table with a flat top and open shelving is ideal as a place to display decorative items. Because of its long, narrow shape, a console table can fit against a wall and still leave room for people to pass. Use a console in the living room to exhibit much-loved items, such as photos and souvenirs from an enjoyable trip.

5. Stylish Wine Cabinets

wine cabinets
A wine cabinet is a convenient place for wine bottles and glasses along with a handy surface for pouring drinks. Choose from a variety of high-style wine cabinets that are destined to become a focal point in your living room.

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