What’s In and What’s Out in Bedroom Design

A bedroom is a tranquil place in your home where you can get a good night’s sleep after a long day. Bedroom designs are changing for the better to contribute to a calming atmosphere. Many are saying goodbye to edgy, pared-down industrial styles and in-your-face accent walls in favor of a more soothing decor that invites you to wind down and relax.

Here are some trends to look out for when you want to create a welcoming bedroom.

What’s In for Bedroom Designs

  • Soothing Natural Colors

natural colors

Expect to see natural colors like greens and blues in the bedroom this year. Sage green and pale blue are particular favorites for bedding. Soft, natural colors add an inviting look to a neutral color pallet that can sometimes appear too sterile. When you choose an accent color for the bedroom, think calming and sophisticated.

  • Gentle Curves

If you are replacing your bedroom furniture, opt for bedroom sets with more rounded corners and graceful curves. Sleigh beds are still in style, and curved headboards add an extra layer of comfort to straight lines in dressers and nightstands.

  • Spectacular Headboards


Upholstered headboards go a long way in making your bedroom luxurious, practical and comfortable. Choose neutral tones or bolder shades that make a definite statement of style. Deep button tufting is more popular than ever for a plush look. Another option is channel tufting where the stitches run vertically for a modern appearance.

What’s Out for Bedroom Designs

  • Industrial Dcor

In a frenzied world with Covid and other issues, people are moving toward a more inviting look for home dcor, especially in the bedroom. The hard edges and unadorned minimalistic elements of industrial decor are falling out of favor for bedroom design. You want your bedroom to be warm and welcoming as opposed to giving off an industrial vibe that is cold and sterile.

  • Colorful Accent Walls

Accent walls are intended to add excitement but when you think about it, who needs excitement in a bedroom? You don’t want a vibrant color that will keep you up at night. If you must change up matching walls, go with a darker or lighter tone of the color you choose for the entire bedroom.

  • Too Much Symmetry

It’s easy to decorate with a bedroom set and matching lamps on the nightstands but beware of creating a room with too much symmetry. While balance is important, you will want to add interest to make your bedroom inviting. The easiest way to avoid symmetry overload is to add a distinctive accent piece, like a stunning lighting fixture or an armoire. If you have a knack for decorating, choose individual bedroom furniture pieces instead of a bedroom set.

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